Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer 2010, so far...out and about Beaumont, parties,vacation, crafty stuff, tv, movies and crazy dissin' on the E! Channel!

Summer officially started in June and few interesting things worth mentioning have happened.I no longer call it summer vacation, mostly because I am not a student , so I am not vacationing from anything in particular.

The beginning of the summer was a bit of a downer. There were about six of us girls from work and one friend from Tennessee that had wanted to go to New Orleans for a fun filled girls weekend. But with some of us on opposite weekends, a divorce in the makings,a move, kids and other things going on, the trip did not take place. But one of the girls I work with has already mapped out a tentative trip for us to New Orleans , which is in the works for late October.I am looking forward to it and just hope the weather cooperates.

I am still enjoying my workouts, yoga and pilates classes, and have added Zumba and Group Groove to my routine.The music is great and the dances are fun and it is something different to do.I am still running 3-5 miles 2 times a week . I registered for the half marathon in San Antonio on November 15 this year, so I really need to step it up a notch.

Parties!! Sommer had an awesome craw fish boil/party last month and I was so happy that almost all of my friends got to attend.The craw fish had just the right amount of spice,the drinks were cold and we all had a great time.

We had Gabis birhtday party last month too. We took her to D'Vine Wines with takeout food from Carrabbas( one of my favorites!). We had such a good time and the party continued to Sommers house, where Gabi ( after having one too many) , fell out of her chair. I was quick and snapped a picture, to use for blackmail later! No , not really , but it was funny.

I did spend a few days house/dog sitting for a friend... with a pool!! The much needed R&R time I spent laying by the pool with a cold drink in my hand did me some good .Laying out by a ppol is one of my favorite things to do :) .

I recently returned from our annual trip to Concan, Texas to the Frio River. We stayed with Sommer and her family and we had so much fun. It was great because this year due to recent rainfall in that area, the water was up and we got to kayak.We even took a few early ( as in 7 am early) morning kayak runs. It was great, so quiet , peaceful, and no drunk tubers got in our way.We ate alot, drank alot, played cards, Phase 10, Twister, and danced all night . I am already looking forward to next years trip. The only thing missing was Kim, we missed her this year!!

We made some new friends - Chris, Lori and their son Jordan from Shreveport (Gabi and Stewarts friends). We had a great time with them and they rocked karaoke the night we went to the House Pasture Cattle Company Restaurant.I came back a few days early and I enjoyed two days off until I returned to work on Sunday , July 11. I worked 4 nights before I was able to relax again. I have really been able to relax and I am trying to get myself ready to head back to work tomorrow night... for 8 nights .Lets get this straight...I am not really an outdoorsy type of girl, we sleep in cabins with electricity and running water!

I was able to complete watching the TrueBlood Season 2 series on DVD, before season 3 started. I love that show and get excited when the show comes on. Something so small, but I have to have something to get excited about.

When I got back from vacation I was able to go see the 3rd movie in the Twilight Series, Eclipse. I loved Twilight, I thought New Moon was boring ( minus the hot Taylor Lautner- Jacob ), and although i enjoyed Eclipse, Bella and Edward really got on my nerves with their co-dependent relationship.

This past weekend I attended a bachelorette party for a friend that is getting married next weekend. Although she did not get to party like a rockstar ( no alcohol), she just found out she is having a baby, she had a good time. After the lingerie party, we made a few club rounds including Whiskey River. Now I have always been proud to say that I have never set foot in that place, even when it was Cactus Canyon. Well, I went and I did not party either, and I remembered why I don't go to places like that. I did get to see two drunk girls fall down and had a good laugh though.

Last night, Laquitta, Kristin, and I went to Painting With a Twist and painted , had wine,snacks and a great time. W e probably make better nurses than we do artists, but it was fun and I am glad I went. I want to go again next month.

So here we are, the middle of July and although nothing too exciting has happened, I have no complaints either. As far as I am concerned, summer goes through the end of September , so maybe something exciting will happen. I am just hoping the weather plays nice and we don't have hurricane here!

*****SOAP BOX ALERT*****

E! Channel I love you, but stop playing and overplaying CRAP! This mornings highlight : Lindsay Lohan- Her Journey to Jail. Seriously????I am so over her and her crazy mom. She was cute in Parent Trap, cool in Mean Girls.... I really don't know what other movies she has been in... the only thing you ever hear about her is stupid drama!!!

A little more annoying than LL's jail sentence is about Sandra Bullock and her ex- Jesse.What more can they keep saying about it. They got married, he cheated, she found out, left him, adopted a baby, they got a divorce.Let those people have their privacy.The only thing I can say is that guy screwed up. How that white trash ever got Sandra Bullock to marry him is beyond me.Maybe they will work it out, maybe they won't... but best of luck to them both.

But the one that takes the cake.... Tiger Woods!!! E! Channel devoted almost one whole freaking day to his private life.First, (not trying to be a beotch), BUT... if that unattractive man really had that much action going on and really had all of those (14?) affairs going on, there is no way his wife did not know about it. It was annoying that she acted so surprised, just my opinion though. Although I have never been a Tiger fan, I can say this....he is a spoiled brat that that he could do whatever, whenever he wanted. He had it all-career,talent, money, fame, wife and kids.
Hopefully he can find peace with himself and change for his sake and wife and kids.But the most annoying of the whole Tiger saga are the Hoe-Bags that claim to have had a relationship/affair with him. These women were on TV crying over him, demanding an apology from him and saying how much they loved him. First: if they really ever loved or cared about him they need to shut up!!!If they ever really loved him, they don't need to be talking about the affairs, and continually bringing up the whole event on television and offering their story to the media service offering them the most money.These women are basking in the attention,hoopla, and publicity and seeking sympathy over it. I'm sure one of them will get a made for tv movie over it!!!I think they are selfish, money/fame-monster hungry people that only care about themselves.They just need to admit they were wrong, leave him alone and move on. okay, 'nuff dissin' on the E! Peace out girl scouts!!!!