Sunday, January 2, 2011

Very Quick Recap 2010.... for now

I have not made a post on my blog site since July! Well here is just a quickie update of how my 2010 played out............
The remainder of Summer 2010 remained fairly uneventful with the exception of a few moments of getting my hopes up about something that I wanted... only to be let down down , again. Oh and my dog died.
Fall 2010 , fairly uneventful......... I turned 41.... big deal .. drinking age plus 20. I did have a nice party at Madisons though.
Holidays 2010- Thanksgiving- I had to work. , in early December , I had another moment of getting my hopes up again ( and I am still waiting on the outcome- which I don't think will be what I want)- when will I ever learn!
Christmas Eve- I had to work. Christmas day i got to go home to my parents house in Friendswood , probably the last time we will spend any holidays there - my parents moved to Round Rock today :(. But I did spend Christmas morning with them and my brother and had lunch and spent the afternoon at my Aunt Tina and Uncle Tonys house and visited with my cousins , and all their dogs.... there were alot of dogs there!
New Years Eve- kept it on the down low- went out to eat at Elenas, went to a party, got to Madisons just in time to have a NYE toast and watch some drunk girl fall down the stairs , and then went to IHOP for coffee and pancakes!
Now, it's Sunday night, when I wake up ( granted I ever get any sleep), it will be the first Monday of the new year... ,Please God, let something good happen to me and help me better face my fears and and help me be better able to handle my anxieties and worries .
Okay, I guess that is all for now..... I promise I will try to post a positive blog once a month :)

Happy New Year all- well I guess to the few that may just happen to read this.