Saturday, December 5, 2009

Quotes.... and such

Quotes ...... and such

Quotes .... most of us have some profound or poetic quote that they are are fond of and we may occasionally post one on our Facebook or MySpace page. I happen to have a few favorite quotes myself and this summer I posted at least one new favorite quote that I found inspiring on my FaceBook status. I would get the occasional thumbs up or comment to my quote and I think that my friends enjoyed reading them and may have even looked forward to seeing what I would post next. I enjoyed doing it and it made me happy.Many of the quotes I posted were taken from the book "Skinny Bitchin" , by Rory Frieedman and Kim Barnouin.The book is full of quotes , inspirational thoughts and even has space for journaling.Since I have been on my quest to lose the extra poundage ( post exhusband telling me I looked like a cow all the time)for the past year, I found the book to be a lifesaver.Not only inspiring me to keep at it, but other quotes to just help me take things one day at a time.It has been a rough year, hell it's been a rough life!Not that I have anything to really complain about- I have much more than I would ever need or could possibly want.
There are two quotes that stand out in my mind that I have always found to be quite annoying, and I have always tended to tune out or turn a deaf ear to, especially when someone makes reference to either one of these quotes and they then drone on and on about how and why this quote has such a big significance in their life. One reason I am willing to admit this is that both of these quotes when heard have always "hit home" with me on more than one occasion in my life.
The first quote is one that has been made very popular within the past few years on some television show I do not watch or a movie I have never seen.The quote"It's complicated" seems to have found its way to pass the lips of so many people these days, especially females. Whether they are describing their current relationship with a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or just a guy they are really into- that probably is just not that into them- it's endless! I have even seen "It's complicated" used as a relationship status on FaceBook!I have always resisted using this quote . When someone asks me how something is going and to answer them in a nutshell would be easily taken care of with "It's complicated- lets just leave it at that."My answer 99.5 % of the time is "fine", with a forced smile."Its complicated" - two words that describe most situations or relationships - or lack there of (past and present) in my life. So to make a long story short, in an nutshell, do not expect "It's complicated " to pass these lips anytime soon.... although it may be the perfect two words to just describe it all!
Another quote that I have always cringed at the thought of is "Everything happens for a reason" and yada yada yada and all that it implies. No kidding.Most people are always in pursuit of finding that profound reason and learning and growing from it. Well, being the cynical person I am, I choose to just fix the problem or just move on without ever learning from the lesson or learning what the reason is.That has always been therpeutic for me... and it has worked , until recently.
Everything happens for a reason- now that things have changed so much, this may be a time to find the importance of learning what the reason is and how to grow and learn from it. I suppose that means that to very action, there is a reaction and if something is meant to be, it will happen , one way or another.
Sometimes really tragic or bad things happen to really good people, it isn't fair, but it is real life.Sometimes the pain is beyond belief . I try really hard not to ever regret anything I have done or the choices I have made, because at one time or another, it must have been something I really wanted . I try to remember that if I did not make that choice,if i did not let that person be a part of my life , I would not be the person I am today.... and I think I am a good person.I try to remember that no matter how horrible it feels right now, one day it will all make perfect sense, because it has happened in the past. You really do get overf things and you do move on with your life.Right now, trying to make sense of something or someone that hurts is inconceivable and seeing the end of it , is just not in sight. Now my outlook is that when a hurtful or bad thing happens, that maybe it was supposed to happen ,so that something good can takes its place.
Patience is a virtue( thumbs up to that one), and eventually I will know the reason and take that lesson and grow.
We all know Marilyn Monroe, her life and story continue to intrigue people and is still a popular figure in pop culture.She made a reference to the quote "Everything happens for a reason" and here goes:
"I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you can appreciate them when they are right, you believe lies so can eventually learn to trust noone but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together."
Hearing Marilyn put it that way makes the quote have more meaning to me and it is a quote I can now become a fan of. Thanks Marilyn ! :)