Sunday, November 29, 2009

Getting Started

Okay, I have decided to give in........ I am going to become the author of my own blog site. ( Thank you Vanessa- my friend that only comes out at night!)My younger sister writes a blog that she calls Mere Motherhood -it is about her daily life as a wife and mother of 3 beautiful children. I also subscribe to a blog about Yoga,another one that I follow is an interesting blog about tattoos- but not just any tattoos- tattoos of owls! I have recently started following a blog about single life and have enjoyed it and now see my world ( or my reality )in a new perspective. I have also been following a blog of a new friend that recently moved to a new place and I think I am going to have fun following her adventures !Now, not that I think anything I write is really that important or even that interesting, but I have come to find that journaling is a healthy way to express my thoughts, feelings or whatever comes to mind. I participated in a journaling group in college when I went to the University of Houston and I really enjoyed it . I also had some of my works(poetry)published in Puma Spirit.So, here goes.... call it what you want....Stories or Musings From The Last Single Girl Standing,Real Life Taking Over, or Whatever and Whenever. I will be writing about single life,my Yoga classes, my family, my friends ,my career, my relationships- or really the lack thereof, outings with friends, good times and bad times, my pursuit of living a more holistic and greener lifestyle and devoting my life to doing good deeds for others. So read and enjoy :)

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