Sunday, June 6, 2010

Just A Thought , or Two... or Maybe Three?

My MySpace, my Facebook and my blogspot are mine and mine only... to post and say whatever comes to mind. I have been very adamant about not displaying too much negativity on any comments, status or postings. I think I have even done a good job by not putting too much out there,especially when it comes to MySpace and Facebook. But my blogspot, is mine, all mine, and besides myself , I think there is only one person that reads it. So here goes..just for is my list of things currently on my mind, taking up space, keeping me from sleep and really, just a few things that are really pissing me off ! maybe just ticking me off a little and may seem minor or petty to some, too bad... like I said it's my blogspot , not yours!!!!
1. The Ex-factor: next month on July 13 th will be one year that my divorce will have been final. i am over it and over the fact of being a "statistic". I am even over the fact of all the stupid things he has done and said since the divorce has been final : Lies about our 2008 tax return,lies to his family and well just his plain existence sometimes nauseates me. Well he got remarried , again, this makes wife # 3 for him (Mr. I'm barely 30 years old and am on my 3rd marriage). I have no feelings or animosity towards him , his new wife or his marriage- best of luck to ya ~! I don't even have a problem with being referred to wife #2-the crazy one. It's much better than what he calls wife #1 ! But I do have a slight problem when wife # 3 made a comment about me that she has no business making. I have never met this woman, have no idea what she looks like , and did not even know her name until a few weeks ago.I won't repeat the comment made, but all I have to say is this, she must be really bored, I mean really , really bored to even be thinking about me, worrying about me, where I work , or the people I work with , or what is on my Facebook- which is nothing to do with her or him , ever! Its mine all mine and i don't waste time making comments about him or any references to him. Unless you are my friend on MySpace or Facebook, you cannot see anything except my name and my picture.But hey, glad to know you are a fan! :)
2. Friends : I have a friend that I love dearly, but I just cannot take the drama anymore, please
stop, stop the madness. I cannot take it anymore.
3. I so love being a fan of "Reading someones status on Facebook and thinking : Shut the HELL up" . There are a few, just a few people not only do they brag constantly&consider that the sun and moon rise and fall at their beckoning, but they just never shut up. There are just a few people that although i love them dearly , their self -absorbed egos are just a little bit too much. I guess I could go on , but you get the idea.
4. Two thumbs down to the City of Beaumont Water Department- After 2 weeks of phone calls back in APRIL, to please come check a leak, they finally show up at 7:30 am with no warning, they fix the leak, but manage to tear up my driveway... I still have no driveway..
5.The HEAT- is oppressive. The older I get, the more the summer becomes intolerable to me. Yes, I love summer, picnics, craw fish boils, swimming, The Frio, ect.... but the heat is killing me!!! I find myself getting up earlier and earlier to go workout and get my errands done early so I can be home by noon or a little afterward. I have even been scheduling lunches with my girlfriends earlier , so I can get off the road, and get home to my air conditioning and taking afternoon naps. What the hell???
6.Reality TV- Enough already. I really don't watch much tv, I keep it on E! in the background for noise because it is so quiet here. I watch DVD's, TrueBlood and the occasional special on E!. I did not realize what was out there until about 2 months ago, when I was home sick for a day and nothing to do but watch tv- ok- Jersey Shore,Housewives of New Jersey or New York,16 and Pregnant,Parent Rules, Bachelor and Bachelorette, enough. Where the hell do these people come from. I mean really.. I think with all that stupidity, I possibly have a chance at my own reality show... with my cats and my dog, my friends , and my adventures of going to work, D'vine Wines and going out to eat and maybe a little bit of self-made drama ( on my friends parts), and I could make commentary on it and make fun of other people. Maybe my cats could have their own reality show, who knows?
7. Douche -bag guys that for some reason think I want to talk to them. Really there is only one, and he has been someone that has been "bothering' me for years. If I don't even look at you, and have not said hi to you in years,and I only speak to you if it is regarding a patient, I even deleted you last year from my Facebook last year after you kept sending me obscene messages..... get it through your head, I don't like you, I will never like you, and quit talking about me like we are friends. We are not friends or even acquaintances. We just happen to work at the same place and have to cross paths every once in a while. Get over it, I did .'k thanks.
8.Last but not least, but only because I am done, negativity wears me out! I just turned the channels on HBO and the movie Planet of the Apes is on, great. That movie scares the crap out of me... talking monkeys taking humans as prisoners. Great, nightmares... but probably won't be as bad as last night, I was flipping the HBO channels and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was on- the scariest movie next to The Exorcist and The Omen. Goodnight , I'm out :)

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