Sunday, January 3, 2010

Soiree: A party of people assembled in the evening, usually at a private house.

Well this NYE was the best ever, well the best since NYE 1999. It was our last ER bash/get-together of the year.Kristen was kind enough to hostess this soiree at her home and we partied it up ER style , especially given the fact that most of us there had not had a New Years Eve off in about five or six years.
Good friends, food, wine and other drinks of choice were plentiful at this end of the year bash. John (Kristens husband) invited his friends that work in surgery with him at the hospital and although the surgery crew did not mingle much with the ER crew, they looked like they were having a great time outside by the fire pit and the keg.The usual ER gang showed up , minus the ones that had to work, and we missed them.
I got there a little early to help set up and prepare some of the food. A few friends did stop by on their way to work to grab a quick bite to eat before heading to the madness in the ER.
We did have plenty of alcohol for our friends that were there to party-wine,beer,vodka,tequila and setups were available. We had plenty of good food too-chicken,sausage,cheese sticks,vegetable trays, fruit,crackers,chips and many varieties of homemade dips and salsa to choose from.Our only food mishap was the dip for the strawberries. Kristen was able to find a dip in vanilla and chocolate flavor to heat in the microwave and you dip the strawberry in it, swirl, and lay it on wax paper to harden.The chocolate ones turned out beautiful, the vanilla, not so good.One of the guests brought this awesome spinach dip which she served in a Christmas tin lined with plastic wrap. It was such a cute idea and so easy to clean up.
As the night went on and guests were coming and going,the music was playing loud and we were highly entertained by a few that could "bust a move" or two. Before I knew it , it was 11:45, so John and I poured out the champagne in plastic champagne flutes for all of those that wanted to partake as the clock hit midnight.As we rang in the new year, well wishes and hugs were given and a few even exchanged kisses!Although i did not have anyone special to give a big sloppy kiss to, I did get lots of hugs and I had a great time. Maybe next year!
About 12:50 the party was starting to wind down with some going to other parties, Crockett Street, or just wanting to get home before the bars closed.We started to clean, and we got her house back in order in a short period of time. I was home by 2 am, and downloaded my party pictures to Facebook in record time, as my friend Vanessa and I are in constant competition to see who can post their pictures first from parties or holidays. So I was safe and sound and in my pajamas at a relatively decent hour , at least by NYE standards (maybe I'm just getting old), as I declined an invite to continue the party at another location.
We did have one more get together for the new year Friday night at Kims house, as she had to work NYE. Kim spent the day slaving over her hot stove cooking up all kinds of goodies for her friends and family. I got there around 5:30 and stayed until around 10 pm and visited with friends,Kims family and watched a movie.
So far ,it has been a great year, and hope everyones new year was as great as mine.

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