Saturday, January 2, 2010

Welcoming In The New Year

If you have had a crazy year with lots of changes- good,bad , or if you are still undecided, raise your hand.I'm raising both of mine !Changes are good for the most part ,they help us grow .It's adjusting to the change that seems to be where the challenge lies.
2009 was quite a year, to say the least. Let's see - divorce- which means not only did my husband leave, but with the divorce , you lose the in laws(not so much missing his parents hmmmm), but lost 2 sister-in-laws that I considered to be like my own sisters,lost 2 Godchildren- when you don't get to see the ex-sisterinlaws, you don't get to see the kids, and lost a stepson, had my own health issues to deal with ,lost my grandma( my grand mere Genevieve),and lost a friend .I was able to survive all of this in one year and I can talk about it without falling apart.My divorce was not as bad as it could have been, we had no children and really not much property to divide, but it was something I would never want to go through again. You feel as though everyone is judging you and looking at you.I had to start on a medication for my thyroid.I now know why I was having all the symptoms I was experiencing and I feel so much better, although I am not a fan of taking medicines( yes , even though I am a nurse).My grandmother on my fathers side passed away in August.Which means I had to deal with seeing my father, and I make it a point to not have to see him.To make a long story short, the man showed up with his entourage from Houma, Louisanna, lots of alcohol, made a fool of himself, embarrassed me and then went home. Enough said there.I lost a friend too,a good friend that I felt very close to and I do not know what I would have done without this person in my life this past year. Yes, some people come into your life only for a season, well the season ended and now he is gone. But I will never forget the lessons he taught me about its okay to open up and be happy again.
But 2009 was not all filled with negativity, there were a few good changes as well. I managed to lose 28 pounds,I found out I can do alot of things on my own ,I ran a 5 k marathon in New Orleans back in February of 2009,and I turned 40 !Turning 40 was actually easier than when I turned 30. For alot of women turning 40 can bring a fear into your heart like you would not believe, especially if your life is not where you want it to be. But I took a very good look at my life and decided that I would CELEBRATE this milstone birthday and not fear it. My friends threw me a fabulous 40 party with lots of good food, wine , music and friends. I felt so lucky.I feel that I have grown more in this past year than I have in the past 10 years.This past year has allowed me to grow very close to a few of my friends and to LET them be there for me and I realized that when I cry in the middle of the night, it's okay to let them know, they are there for me. I don't always have to be the strong one.So this past year has been spent spending time with good friends,reading books, going to the movies, trying new recipes, and doing alot of thinking.
So I am saying goodbye to the old and inviting in the new- isn't that the old saying?I am so ready! The past year and especially the last few months , it seems as though my days have been filled with work, work , and more work!I try to preoccupy myself with this, that or the other- that is how I deal with stress or when I don't want to think about something that makes me sad or that hurts.Well, after awhile , reality sets in and you just have to deal with it.Well I am now ready to deal with it and to begin a new chapter of my life and move on.
As 2009 slides into 2010,many of us make resolutions and promises .Some we are able to keep and some we aren't.Most of these resolutions include losing weight, stop smoking,reading more,spending more time with loved ones ect.I was able to keep a few of the resolutions that I made for myself for 2009. I did lose weight, ran a 5k marathon in New Orleans back in February, passed my CEN (certified emergency nurses) exam, ,threw a party on Good Friday, I let myself open up to a good friend, and I stood up for myself to my ex husband when he tried to take me for everything I had worked so hard for, and well, he left the marriage with pretty much what he came into it with- nothing but the clothes on his back!
I never really make a public declaration or vow of my New Years Resolutions, but I feel that at least publishing my goals for the year, will make them more attainable even if no one else reads this or knows about it!I am still continuing in my quest to lose weight.I left my old gym, the one I have been a member of since 1998, when I moved back to Beaumont. That was a hard change to make.I love that place! But, I decided it would be a good positive thing to do something different this year. I am continuing my Yoga practice at Beaumont Power Yoga with my instructor/friend/mentor Nicole.She has been an inspiration to me and has been the one to motivate me and has been there for me when I was really down.
I am making a more spiritual commitment as well.I am a cradle Catholic- which means I was baptized Catholic,had my first communion,my confirmation,and I was married in the Church as well with the traditional Catholic wedding.Well, this past year I have not been so committed to going to Mass, but I have decided if I can spend an hour getting my hair done,getting a pedicure or working out, I can devote one hour a week to my faith.I feel that no matter what faith you follow, devoting at least one hour a week to whatever God you follow is important.This will all start tomorrow at 9:30 am at St Judes. Oh, and I left St Annes, my home parish and am now a member at St Judes. It is closer to my home and , well not any old memories.
Living a more healthier,holistic,and greener lifestyle is also on my list.I feel that there has never been a more important time than now than to focus on our planets well being.Global warming and climate changes are directly affected by the choices we make each day.One of the changes I plan to incorporate into my life is to stop buying bottled water- I am so guilty of this! Well with all of the reusable bottles I have, there is no need for me to keep buying bottled water.So I bought myself a Brita filter and container and I am ready to go eco-water-friendly! I just have to find me someone to install it for me!And those 10 24-count cases of water I have can be saved for a rainy day- like a hurricane!
I am a "shopaholic".I love clothes, shoes,purses,makeup and have so much, more than I could ever need. Well, I cleaned out my closet twice this past year and managed to fill NINE , nine I tell you large shopping bags full of clothes, purses, and shoes. Some of this still had the price tags on them!I donated quite a bit to the womens shelter resale shop, and gave quite a bit to one of the girls I work with.I felt so good cleaning out my closet like that. And no, I did not go replace it all with another shopping spree.My closet still remains full, but it is back to basics.But the one indulgence I cannot give up is my addiction to Victorias Secret. I can't help it. Trust me, you can never have enough panties and bras.I will stop buying the occasional cute and sexy ( not sleazy) pieces of lingerie. I have many items still with the price tags on them and one day I will have someone to wear them for ... one day !
I have managed to become an "Energy Star".I purchased a new dryer last year and I made sure that the Energy Star logo was present.I have also switched to long lasting compact fluorescent lights .
I recently took a good look under my cabinets and I threw out alot of cleaning products that contain harsh chemicals and I have switched to Seventh Generation and Clean works natural products made my Clorox.A little more expensive, but worth it.
I have managed to ditch the plastic bags!I have about 20 reusable shopping bags and I keep some of them in the car for grocery shopping and I try to remember to take them to Target as well.
And now one of my favorite subjects- food! I love to eat. Growing up in a relatively healthy veggie-friendly home, I have always had fairly good eating habits and never really had a weight problem until I turned 35 (hmmm the same age I was when I got married).I do not consider myself 100 % vegetarian, I do drink milk and eat eggs and cheese and I do eat fish twice a week.I love Tilapia and I am always looking for good fish/seafood recipes.I will try not to indulge in eating too many sweets, although I love chocolate cake .I will try to save those calories for special occasions only.
Although I realize that even though I can exercise all I want and eat healthy foods all the live long day, I will probably never be a size 4 again. I am now a size 10 with the occasional good fortune of fitting into a size 8 on a good day. My goal is to comfortably wear a size 8. But, when I was cleaning out the closet this summer I did find a pair of size 6 jeans that I could not bear to part with. So who knows, I may be wearing those jeans by the end of the summer because sometmes I can hear them calling my name!
Well my wish is that everyone has a safe,happy,prosperous and healthy new year. I will close with a quote form one of my favorite actresses Salma Hayek: "Life is about creating new opportunities, not waiting for them to come to you."I am hoping to create lots of new opportunities for myself and I hope you will too. I have a feeling 2010 is going to be a great year !

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